The Beast of the Nation

Post Author: Olusola Butler
Published: Tue 14 Nov, 2023
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The Content

Dear diary,

I was very angry today, seeing the oppressions on the street. From the point where I was standing, I experienced the view of absolute agony.

An aging fellow walks along the street, leaning on his third leg. It was nice to have the aged around, knowing too well what it would feel like in a couple of years to come. I greeted him, and he responded with a feverish smile and nod.

At the junction, where nothing matters, and all is free to move around, the noise arose above the crowd. A convey cruised quickly and took over the one-way.

Just beside a road sign, ‘No Parking,’ this old fellow was forced to take a bath at the ditch not too far, for he feared he would not survive a few seconds if he tarried where he was.

If he had remained at that spot, he would have been knocked down, and no one could say or do anything about it.

At that moment, he was minding his own business, not until the sirens and the “confusionists” pulled up the stage curtain.

So many lives have been wasted due to the lackadaisical attitude of these politicians. So many have been made half-human.

The beast will come forth after four years to give naked hope and desires, and yet, force many to weep in-between.

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